The Urban Knowledge Collective an international network of urban actors

The Urban Knowledge Collective is a Non-Profit-Association based in Vienna, Austria that was founded by students of urban research programs. As observers of urban processes we realize that cities are not only objects of scientific investigation, but also working and living spaces for various urban actors. Our network seeks to mirror this diverse group by including aspiring urbanists - students and alumni of urban study programs - and urban actors - activists, initiatives, practitioners and other urban enthusiasts.

...wants socially just and sustainable cities

Many societal problems we face today (social inequality, shortage of affordable housing, etc.) manifest themselves in cities and can also be tackled there. Due to their multi-layered causes there are no one-size-fits-all solutions to urban issues. Accordingly, we empower urban actors to think and act internationally and beyond city boundaries. We believe that radical social change can only be achieved through collective action. and shares knowledge

As urban actors we have a direct impact on our environment. We learn from it and become experts of our city and its peculiarities. The urban knowledge we acquire is therefore bound to a concrete place. Unfortunately, transdisciplinary and international knowledge exchange rarely takes place. To counteract this we build physical and digital spaces where knowledge is collectivized and insights, experiences and practices are shared.  By exchanging knowledge pools from research and practice we develop new strategies and approaches to promote social justice.

…is an open and experimental process

Like cities, the Urban Knowledge Collective has an open, transformable and  processual form. The UKC is what you want it to be. Every urbanist, every urban actor and everyone who is interested in the urban realm is invited to collectivize knowledge about urban space. Join the cause!

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