André Losso

Urban Studies

Smart cities, Everyday life,
Right to the City

Curitiba, Brussels

Internationalist, from Communications and Law Studies, drawing into Critical Urban Geography.

Clarissa Kees

Urban Studies

Climate Action, Urban
Mobility, Public Space


With a background in development cooperation and sustainable urbanism, Clarissa draws attention to inequalities and climate issues on an urban level.

Josef Adler

Urban Studies

Project Management,
Housing, Finance


Josef is one of UKC's fouding members and interested in social and cooperative housing.

Maria Prosviryakova

Urban Studies

Cycling, Interdisciplinary Collaboration, In-depth Interviews


Journalist by training and avid cyclist by nature, Maria is passionate about sustainable mobility and solution-oriented reporting

Sofia University


Urban Studies, Urban Geography, Spatial Planning


Convinced that such collaboration like UKC will benefit students and practitioners in the field of urban studies from all involved countries.

Universität Wien

Geography and Regional Research

Urban Studies, Global
Change Processes


Empowering students to become critical and responsible graduates and global citizens.

Univerzitet u Beogradu


Urban and Rural Planning, Environmental Protection


Linking and discovering theoretical and methodological achievements of traditional geography with new aspects and ways of geographic science.

Vrije Universiteit Brussels

Urban Studies

Comparative European Geography, Urban History


The VUB and ULB jointly offer an interdisciplinary perspective on urban studies

Beatrice Bellavia

Urban Studies

Participatory Processes,
Social innovation


Trained as a sociologist, Bea likes to walk, observe and capture the urban on camera.

Estonian Academy of Arts

Urban Studies

Urban Design, Art and The City, Urban Futures, Production of Urban Space


The program combines history, theory and practice to rethink prevailing understandings of urbanization, and to contribute to more equitable urbanisms.

Lou Rosenkranz

Affordable Housing, Critical Urban Methods, Co-designing Urban Futures.

Amsterdam, Berlin

Lou is working at the intersection of activism, art, and urban planning with attention to artistic, and ethnographic methods, a critical engagement with how knowledge and cities get produced and the ambition to create an affordable, just future.

Miriam Rausch

Urban Studies

Trade-offs in Planning, Critical Urbanism, Social Justice


As a sociologist and urbanist by passion, Miriam likes to discuss about and take action in the field of fair and inclusive cities.

Universitatea din București


Humanistic and Economic


Enabling a career which aims to embed the graduates into the labour market through the corresponding general and specialized knowledge.

Université Libre de Bruxelles

Urban Studies

Planning and Mobility, Criminology, Urban Design


The ULB and VUB jointly offer an interdisciplinary perspective on urban studies

Valentin Hillen

Urban Studies

Knowledge Exchange, Cycling,
Right to the City


Valentin co-founded the UKC and is interested in common good oriented projects as well as social affairs and equality.

Brussels Centre for Urban Studies

Urban Research

Inter- and


The Brussels Centre for Urban Studies, one of the largest centres of its kind in Europe, brings together researchers from across the social sciences, humanities and engineering.

HafenCity Universität Hamburg

Urban Design

Process-oriented Planning,
Experimental Interventions


Urban Design re-assembles heterogeneous motifs and disciplinary knowledges of the city.

Malmö University

Urban Studies

Real Estate, Housing, Planning,


A multi-disciplinary department with exciting and multifaceted urban research and study programmes.

Nina Manz

Urban Design

Property Issues, Co-productive Planning,
Knowledge Transfer


Nina is interested in the urban intersections of academia and activism and co-founder of UKC.

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Urban Studies

Comparative Urban Research, Urban and Development Studies


The two-year Research Master’s in Urban Studies deals with questions surrounding the increasing urbanisation of today’s world.

Université de Lille

Geography, Urban Planning and Development

Territories, Environment,


Offering a diversified range of courses supported by dynamic research.

Vitaly Matveev

Urban Studies

Housing, Sustainable
Development, GIS


A real estate consultant growing into a critical urban geographer.