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The UKC Platform is here

Join the UKC Platform: Your Digital Public Square for Cities Enthusiasts

Discussion: Rent clash

The struggle for affordable housing before and during the pandemic

Urban Work Webinar Series: Session V

For our fifth and final webinar in the Urban Work series, we have invited Veronica Pezzuti and Andreas Schuster!

Urban Work Webinar Series: Session III

The webinar Urban Work #3 with Nazima Kadir and Ralf Brand took place on March 8th.

Urban Knowledge Coproduction: Imagining Urban Publics

We imagine urban utopias, better cities and open public spaces.

Urban Knowledge Coproduction: Hybrid Kick-Off

Working and thinking together: How to get started?

UKC Urban Campfire – Session 2 🔥

Urban Campfire Session 2 will be a lead-free session on Gather.Town next Monday, 7th of Feb. Register now!

Call for Participation: Working together

How can we create caring and cooperative working structures in this competitive world?

Workshop: Imagining Urban Publics

Cities are social procucts – and therefore changeable. Let's think and perform multi-layered approaches towards more just public spaces.

Urban Work Webinar Series: Session II

After a stimulating exchange about urban work last time: 2nd edition on the 17th February 2021!

Getting closer: Meet-up across Europe

Knowledge flows..

Urban Campfire Session 1

Urban Campfire Session #1 The Metaverse with Benjamin Gellie

Audio-Tour: Drifting through Space

Put your headphones in, go outside and let yourself be guided in your exploration of the city.

Urban Work Webinar Series: Session IV

Join us for the series' fourth edition - this time with Elke Rauth and Gautam Bhan

Urban Work Webinar Series: Session I

Kicking off the Urban Work Webinar Series on the 28th of January 2021

Urban Knowledge Coproduction: Finding a topic

Exploring themes & thoughts.

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