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Call for Participation: Working together

Call for Participation: Working together

Together we want to open up and perpetuate

the exchange of city-specific knowledge pools.

Whether you are a student, alumni, practitioner,

activist, NGO, university, research institute or

enthusiast – you assemble a lot of local, all-day-life

and academic knowledge you can share!

In order to enable international urban actors to

work (together) we want to build a digital platform


...enables the common-good-oriented exchange of

skills and expertise.

...helps to find allies in the quest for socially just

and environmentally sustainable cities.

...provides opportunities to engage in meaningful

urban work.

We invite you to collaboratively design working

processes with, by and for urban actors and urbanists.

Join in for getting organzied on the 1st of July

6 pm via Zoom and for any questions or thoughts

write us an email to

For more information download the Call for Participation – Collectivizing Urban Knowledge!

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