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UKC Urban Campfire – Session 2 🔥

UKC Urban Campfire – Session 2 🔥

Urban Campfire is a new discussion format for sharing urban knowledge in an informal digital fireside setting, favoring conversation and exchange over performance and presentation. We aim to create an intimate, cozy, and give-and-take atmosphere. Let´s chat, reflect and dive into urban worlds of wonder in a safe space, where inspiration and exchanging experience can flow free.

Session 2 will be a lead-free session. Open spaces for cozy group conversations on 4 pre-selected (but broad enough!) topics: What are you most interested in? What's your favorite topic for nerdy party discussions, political investigations, architectural design, or sociological observations? Even better: Is there something you know nothing but would love to learn more about? 

We welcome everyone interested to join. We are a growing network and are happy about every single face and every level of participation. There's no prior knowledge needed, and we aim the Urban Campfire to be a great opportunity to connect beyond interests and, thanks to the digital setting, also beyond borders.

When: Monday, 7th Feb. @ 18h30 (CET)

Where: Gather.Town (link to be sent after registration)

Register now:

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