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Urban Campfire Session 1

Urban Campfire Session 1

On next Thursday, 16th, UKC will kick-start a new series of online meet ups: Urban Campfire Sessions!

Urban Campfire Sessions is a new discussion format that pursues sharing urban knowledge by an informal digital fireside setting. Out with the traditional structure of ‘lecture’ and in a cozy, intimate and give-and-take ambience where conversation and exchange are favored over performance and presentation. Overall, a safe space for sharing ideas and inspiration can flow free. More about this new project here.

Urban Campfire Session #1: The Tokenisation of the City

The Metaverse is the current breaking buzzword on the internet. But behind the veil of consumer marketing exists new information and social ecosystems that have the potential to be our savior or our enslavement. This talk will place cryptocurrencies, the decentralized ledger, NFT’s, DeFi and The Metaverse into an Urban sociocultural context, show their relevance and pose future-focused questions. The first session host will be Benjamin Gellie.

Benjamin Gellie: After completing a Masters in Project Management, Benjamin sort a deeper understanding of the factors that affect society and culture through a Masters Urban Design at HCU where he also works as a student assistant. This sociological setting combines to shape his master’s thesis, with a belief that we are on the verge of a new cultural and economic transformation as a result of decentralized ledger technology. His current foci are: smart contracts as they apply to the city, the clandestine battle for the Metaverse and the urban potential of the blockchain. Benjamin calls for urgent academic attention from non-technologists into the potential effects of decentralised technology as they apply to their individual disciplines.

When: Thursday, 16th of December @ 18:00 (CET)

Where: Gather.Town (link to be sent after registration)

Register: Here

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