Absolutely (un)professional

Absolutely (un)professional

JOIN! 02. - 04. December 2022, Brussels

During the weekend of the 02. - 04. December 2022, we invite you to come together as practitioners, students, and researchers to question professionalism within the urban field.

Please download the current program details here.


If you want to join, please send an e-mail to info@urbanknowledge.eu with the following information

Subject: Brussels 2022

  • Your Surname, Name (obligatory!)

  • Preferences Dorms (e.g, do you prefer female-only?)

  • Professionality/Studies (if you want to share)

  • Allergies (Food)

  • Questions

After that, you will receive an email if there is still space and are asked to once more confirm your participation. We will try to answer fast, but we all do other things on the side so it might take up to one week. 


As a collective and as individuals we have already faced various facets of what counts as professionalism in the urban realm – starting off with being educated in 'valid' methods to understand or describe complex urban life up to interdisciplinary collaborations in which it is unclear how to position, behave, or dress oneself. 

Given the perceived absolutism of how things are taught and done, we think there is an urgency in sharing our experiences to eventually question norms, habits, pre-cut roles, and taken-for-granted dos and don'ts if we aim for socially just and sustainable cities.

Friday 02.12.2022

Becoming Collective: Dinner Workshop

Saturday 03.12.2022

Becoming Collaborative: City Hopping

Sunday 04.12.2022

Becoming ??: Future Outlook

During these three days, we aim at getting to know each other, listening to practitioners' experiences with and knowledge about different working contexts, and forming new alliances for a different 'professional' future. Also, we aim to explore different ways of being and working together during the weekend itself through, e.g., everyday practices such as walking and cooking which we believe to be practices that foster dialogue and the perfect playground to question internalized ways of doing.


As a partaker, we invite you to be either an active input giver, gentle listener, or potential chaos maker – it is totally up to you in what way you wish to engage with us and others. We understand ourselves as a connective platform and as an ever-changing collective and are happy to find out how to fit your interests into the program.


We cover accommodation for up to 25 people in shared dorms (Jes Sleep Inn, Brussels). We also cover dinners and breakfasts. Meals will be vegetarian. We sadly cannot cover travel costs but Brussels is well connected, and we hope you can find a cheap (and environmentally friendly <3) train.

By requesting participation, you agree to take part in the full 3-day program and stay with up to 24 other partakers in our weekend base Jes Sleep Inn, Brussels. If you, for any reason, won’t be able to make it, you have to let us know asap, so someone else can take your place.

We are very much looking forward to be absolutely (un)professional together!

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