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UKC Platform

UKC Platform

Our UKC – Online Platform is here!

The UKC online platform, launching in March 2023, offers an open and free digital public square environment for cities enthusiasts to meet up, discuss, discover, and connect with each other. It was envisioned on two areas: first a members-only area where users can create a profile to express their personality and knowledge. Here, they can add pictures and other relevant documents, such as thesis, articles, and related files. Members can also add labels and hashtags for better identification and link it to their favorite social network to enhance connections and foster new possibilities of interactions.

The second area is an open forum called Context. The forum kickstarts with three main categories, including the Main Square, which covers general topics and encourages questioning the urban and sharing knowledge. The Cities category allows users to create a topic about a particular city they desire to debate. The Topics category encourages users to initiate a chat on a topic of their interest, such as climate change, housing, greening, or smart cities. The floor is y-ours!

The open forum will continuously evolve with innovative additions, according to the users' preferences. For instance, users may suggest new categories or subcategories based on their interests, such as transport, social justice, or urban planning.

Join the UKC platform to engage with a digital space dedicated for those who are passionate about cities. Connect with like-minded people, participate in discussions, and occupy and relate with these exciting new pages and spaces, ready for activity, interventions, and social interactions!

Welcome to the UKC Platform!

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