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Urban Knowledge Coproduction

Urban Knowledge Coproduction

Brussels - Imagining Urban Publics

How is public space performed, appropriated and distributed? How do conflicts become (in)visible in public space and how do you imagine public space in the future?

During the workshop we explore multi-layered approaches to these (and many more) questions. We open up and exchange knowledge in hybrid ways: online and by exploring your city! 

Imagining Urban Publics is an experiment of the Urban Knowledge Collective, that seeks to connect students and alumni of urban research programs and other urban actors across Europe and beyond. Join in for three days of urban discoveries and discussions, and find allies in the quest to make cities more socially just and sustainable for all.

Friday 4th of June:

Urban public space is not only made of concrete and greenery, but is produced by individual and collective memories, dreams and emotions. To free up these intrinsic knowledge pools, we want to explore urbanity as performative action by dancing, thinking, walking, collecting and listening. Join us on an experimental and playful deep dive into public space. Together we discover built, thought and imagined cities from unexpected angles and positionalities.

Listen on Soundcloud to the Audio-Tour Drifting through Space:

Saturday 5th of June: 

What happens when public spaces get “revitalised”? What happens when abandoned buildings are taken over by the public? Get your popcorn ready, make yourself comfortable and be sure you have a big can of capitalist Coca Cola at hand because we are watching the movie ‘WTC - A Love Story'! You'll also get the chance to discuss and position urban property contestation. Later, we explore the topic of conflictual (public) spaces by becoming actors ourselves!

Sunday 6th of June: 

If you walk out your front door and all you see is parking lots, confusing street signs and intimidating and grey public spaces, then you’re not alone. Despite their invaluable role in our everyday lives, kids and the elderly are often overlooked by those who plan the space around us. You're invited to reflect upon the multifaceted needs in different phases of life! By rejuvenating or aging, we change perspectives and add to the puzzle of a visionary and inclusive urban future.

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Annual, self-organized & coproduced workshops connect and empower students & alumni from various urban studies programs. These workshops offer the possibility to meet and exchange city- and programspecific knowledge about urban space. During the workshop, students collectively design sketches, formulate project proposals, and intervene in space to develop common-good-oriented approaches to local urban issues. By connecting students through workshops, new alliances can be formed and project ideas can be pursued – to make knowledge adaptable and transferable. 

Currently our network consists of:

  • Estonian Academy of Arts

  • HafenCity University Hamburg

  • Malmö University

  • Sciences Po Paris Urban School 

  • In Situ - Students of Sciences Po Urban School

  • Sofia University

  • Technical University Gdansk

  • Université Libre de Bruxelles

  • University of Bucharest

  • University of Lille

  • University of Amsterdam

  • University of Vienna

  • Vrije Universiteit Brussels

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