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Audio-Tour: Drifting through Space

Audio-Tour: Drifting through Space

When walking, we move our bodies through the city. But is that all there is to “walking the city”? Or could a city walk, beyond being a mode of transport, have a deeper, metaphorical meaning? 

Using “walking the city” as a metaphor for a way of engaging with the city can help us to acknowledge the subjective nature of urban experiences. It invites us to explore the ways in which different social identities and power structures constrain mobility for some – while enhancing the freedom to stroll around for others. 

Come and join the audio-tour to "Drifting through Space" created by the Urban Knowledge Collective and produced by Are We Europe! Put your headphones in, go outside and let yourself be guided in your exploration of the city. 

From Munich to Moscow, from Brussels to Amsterdam: You can start wherever! All you need is a charged smartphone, mobile data or the downloaded audio tour, headphones, a notebook, a pen and good walking shoes. If you take pictures, map your route or want to share experiences: send us a mail or share on instagram 

Listen on Soundcloud:

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