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Urban Work Webinar Series: Session V

Urban Work Webinar Series: Session V

Cultivating  connections and exploring intellectually stimulating career options  outside the university is not always easy. Yet, listening and talking to  people who have pursued a career away from research and education is a  crucial catalyst for figuring out where your career path might take you  next. 

The Urban Work webinar series will give the floor to urban experts  and workers from across the world and from different fields in order to  identify, appreciate and support access to meaningful urban work  opportunities beyond academia for urban studies graduates. Each webinar  will revolve around the careers of one or more speakers, allowing for an  informal discussion on their own career choices and paths taken as well  as a critical but concrete reflection on urban work opportunities and  labour markets in different cities.

For our fifth and final webinar in the Urban Work series, we have invited the following two speakers:

Veronica Pezzuti graduated in 2008 with an MA in European Urban Studies at the Vrije  Universiteit Brussel, Tilburg University, Manchester University, and  Aalto University. She then worked within the European network of the  European Music Office and in parallel volunteered within the Brussels  cultural networks. Between 2010 and 2013 she held a position in the  newly established Agence de développement territorial (Urban Development Agency), a non-profit organization set up by the Brussels-Capital  Region. She currently works at Perspective.Brussels, the regional public  administration that acts as a centre of expertise and is responsible  for Brussels’ regional development strategy. Since 2019, Veronica  Pezzuti is also administrator of the non-profit organization Angela.D,  whose main aim is to contribute to an equitable housing policy for women  and to reduce barriers to their autonomy.

Andreas Schuster studied social work in Munich. Since 2003, he is employed at the local environmental organisation Green  City in the field of sustainable mobility and campaigning. He is also  organizer of the regular panel discussion “Münchner Mobilitätskultur”  (Munich’s mobility culture) and co-founder of the citizens' initiatives  “Sauba sog I” (clean air) and “Radentscheid München” (bicycle  infrastructure). Since May 2020, Andreas Schuster is also a member of  the city council for the Social Democratic Party (SPD) where he  primarily focuses on mobility, city planning and environmental issues.


The webinar will take place on Thursday 20 May 1-3 PM (CET) via Zoom. Please register by following this link. Registration deadline is Monday 17 May. Following the deadline, we will select applicants and send out the Zoom webinar link.

The Urban Work webinar series is jointly organised by the Urban Knowledge Collective and the Brussels Centre for Urban Studies.

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